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$99 Cold Storage at Terzako

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Professional Repair
Professional Repair  
Professional Repair

Bring your coat to Terzako to clean, mend, and restyle your beautiful coat.

Cold Storage & Cleaning
Cold Storage & Cleaning  
Cold Storage & Cleaning

Caring for your Fur

Fur is one of today’s smartest fashion investments. From sleek street chic to sublime sophistication, the versatility of today’s fur fashions makes fur more wearable than ever. For daytime or nighttime, with jeans or evening wear, your fur will be an integral part of your wardrobe for years to come. So make sure to protect your investment with professional fur cleaning and services.

Caring for your fur

Always store your fur garments in cold storage when you are done wearing them for the season or not using them. Terzako is an “Authorized Fur Care Specialist” and is equipped with temperature, humidity and light-controlled storage facilities to protect your fur, keeping it from drying out, oxidizing and prematurely aging your garment.

Have your fur leaned annually by Terzako , never a dry cleaner. Your fur may not look dirty but it is important to remove small abrasive dirt particles and chemicals, and keep it soft.

Have small rips or tears repaired immediately by Terzako. This will prevent more expensive repairs later.

Always hang your fur on a broad-shoulder hanger, never a wire hanger. Allow enough space so your fur is not crushed.

Never hang your fur in bags of any type. Plastic or rubber-lined bags prevent air from circulating, which can dry out the leather. Over time, bags (even cloth bags) can also cause wear and broken hairs where the bag rests against the fur.

Do not store your fur in a cedar closet. Cedar wood absorbs moisture and can dry your fur out. And cedar closets do NOT protect from dust, dirt and insect damage.

Do not store your fur with mothballs. Mothballs react with moisture in the air to produce a gas that acts as a fumigant. This chemical reaction can cause irreparable damage to your fur (not to mention a lingering odor).

Avoid spraying perfume, hairspray or other chemicals on your fur. The alcohol content in these products will dry the leather and stiffen the guard hairs.

If you fur gets wet, shake it out and hang it to dry in a well-ventilated room. Avoid direct heat or radiators that can damage both fur and leather. If your fur is soaked through, take it immediately to your Terzako for proper treatment.

One of the beauties of fur is that it can be repaired or restyled. The professionals at Terzako can find matching fur and make any repairs – or they can help you restyle it into an updated, contemporary new fashion.

Enjoy caring for your fur — it will love you for it!

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