The Terzako Guarantee

First we want to inform you about the top quality of our furs. All our furs are checked by experts in order to meet the high standards fine garments must have.

By purchasing a Terzako fur garment you get the following guarantees:

  1. Quality of skin guaranteed by the skin producer.
  2. Quality of workmanship guaranteed by the garment manufacturer.
  3. Guarantee by Terzako for all high quality garment that we carry in our stores. In case that anything happens to your garment within the period of one year and is our fault, we will be responsible to repair it.
  4. These guarantees apply provided that you follow thoroughly the instructions given at the bottom of the page. This will insure that you will continue to wear your fur garment for many years.
  5. We are the only company that supports its products. This means that whatever happens to your fur, even if it is not our fault, we will assist you to find together the solution to your problem.
  6. We believe that the best advertisement and guarantee of our products are the hundreds of thousands of satisfied and happy customers who have already bought and continue to buy and trust Terzako Furs.


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