Cleaning & Cold Storage

Love your coat? Your coat loves it when you care for it.

Terzako cleans, repairs, restyles, maintains, and stores your fur. Care is the key to a long lasting appreciation for your garments.

Storage: We offer on the premises climate controlled storage vaults kept between 40 – 50 degrees with humidity at 45 – 55%.   to protect against heat, moisture and insect damage. Storing your garment will double its lifespan, keep it supple and looking like new for many, many years.

Bring your fur garments to Terzako for storage or set up an appointment for us to pick it up. Need your coat brought to you while you’re out of town? Terzako also ships throughout the US.

Cleaning: Before the winter begins, you should annually clean your coat. This is best done when the cold season is over when we can clean and store your coat. However if you did not store it, please bring it by Terzako for professional cleaning, repair, glazing, comb-through, and no matter what the season, if you are not using your garment, store it in our secure cold storage facility.

Your coat will love you for it.


For more on caring for your coat, visit our “Caring for your Fur” page

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